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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on October 26, 2022
I can suffer from absolutely debilitating migraines...I don't want to talk to anyone, I have to craddle my head, my head feels like it's been hit by a truck, I get nauseous- literally every symptom of the worst possible migraine...Advil liquid gel extra strength is literally the only thing that will get rid of my migraines. I've tried so many other medicines, but I know when I take one of will work within 30-40 minutes and my headache is half of what it was. I usually only ever need to repeat a dose once and my migraine is GONE. But I must say- this pills SUCK to swallow. Maybe it’s just me but they do not go down smooth at all- and if I don’t take a good chug of water with it- I almost feel like it’s stuck in my throat. I will be so devastated if Advil stops making these as nothing else compares. If you suffer from migraines and have come this far...just order them you will be so thankful you tried them.
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