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Reviewed in Canada on March 10, 2020
UPDATE: Replaced my wired version with a wireless one. The cable friction definitely isn't a crippling issue, but some people notice it and it can be a bit distracting. After doing away with the cable, I'm finally able to game without the issue, even if it is a minor one. Latency isn't noticeable, if it's even there; Modern wireless tech is really quick, and although there is objectively a difference, it's small enough to be negligible. It will not affect your game performance, I promise you that. Weight feels about the same, but due to the battery it's most likely a few grams heavier. I have NOT measured. A bungee is required for the wired version if your computer is under the desk. As with all wireless peripherals, ensure there's no signal crosstalk, or you'll be locked at critical moments. Experienced that before.

It's light, it's slick, the cable feels great, and it's got low switch latency. It's everything I need, plus Razer's software lets you remap or even disable buttons. No accidentally going back a page if you press one of the sensitive side buttons!

Good stuff, but really only worth getting if you like high-end gaming.
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