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Reviewed in Canada on December 4, 2019
Ok so first of all, I bought these diapers because my son was having blowouts every day and it was driving me nuts. I read that Special Delivery significantly reduced blowouts because of the elastic banding in the back... not AT ALL!
I feel like these diapers have a fairly low backing in comparison to say, Pampers Swaddlers.
Don't get me wrong, Special Delivery are a decent diaper, they have their positives and I will get to those in a minute... but for the price, I would have hoped they would have a better absorbency but I'd say they are the least absorbent diaper I have tried thus far.

Ok, positives are that they are SUPER SOFT, it gives you a cozy feeling wrapping your babe in them.
They are completely scent free and I believe they are made almost completely without synthetic fibers.
They have extra large cuffs around the legs for lower leak protection.

I would buy these again IF either a) they made they back higher and found a way to increase absorbency
B) lowered the price
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