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Reviewed in Canada on October 31, 2021
After escaping from Morgane and the Dames Blanches, Lou and Reid have to gain some allies to face her again. Morgane hints that she will attack again, so Lou and Reid must go beyond the witches to find some help to defeat her. However, as they gather more allies, Lou and Reid are pulled apart. They need to mend their relationship before the entire coven is destroyed.

I really enjoyed this sequel. I actually found this story easier to follow than the first one. Serpent and Dove had a complicated plot, with all of the characters having different goals. In this story, all of the characters were working together to defeat Morgane so they all had the same goal in mind.

The fantasy world of Serpent and Dove expanded in this story. There were different types of creatures, such as the werewolves. There were also different events, such as the traveling circus that they encountered. Though the witches would typically have been the enemies of many of these other groups, they all had to work together to stop Morgane. I liked seeing the world beyond the witches in this story.

Blood and Honey is a great sequel!
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