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Reviewed in Canada on September 5, 2015
I was so terribly pleased with Kimmerer's book "Gathering Moss", that when I saw that she had written another book I added it to my collection immediately. I am still only part way through but Kimmerer writes with such poetic pose and kindness that you can't help but to be more gracious with your perspective toward the world around you. She marries her teachings from indigenous knowledge with her studies in botany showing us that they meet more often than we might expect. Kimmerer not only loves nature but the processes that come and go with the seasons. Where one might see a mucky pond that needs cleaning as the arduous task that it is, she sees the challenges proposed by life and our choices to resolve & respond to them. Kimmerer is always extracting the basic lessons life has to offer from the most simple of observations and reconfigures them in order to show us how such simple examples in life can be applied to our daily lives.

What this book is not: a reference book. Honestly, I was hoping that this book would have much more detail and depth about specific plants, when to harvest and why -seeing as her book "Gathering Moss" gave beautiful content rich insight and poetic descriptions into the workings of moss as well as where to find certain species, their likes and dislikes, and curiosities surrounding unanswered questions. It is fair, however, to expect this much from her life's research (on moss) compared to such a broad range of subject matter in a book like this. Even so, I have never thought that pecan trees could be so fascinating. Nor did I expect to glean little tidbits of information about indigenous ways that would send me off searching for more of the story. In short she is a curious student of life -always seeking lessons where she can- and at the same time a natural writer & teacher. Whenever I have the occasion to recommend or share this book with a friend, I do.
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