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Reviewed in Canada on March 8, 2021
I have ordered other items by Chortau (2 Car dash camera), and they haven’t disappointed me yet.
So I decided to order an outdoor camera... everything seems to work well, the only thing is the quality is decent and not the best WHEN you COMPARE the video images to other camera that I have. Don’t get me wrong, the quality is decent and is 1080, and if you don’t have other camera it looks good. But my other brand camera has somewhat better quality output and images are more clear.

Edit: 2 months later. The playback is very very unstable! Every time I want to review / replay a video from the day, the app either freezes, takes forever to load or just says unstable connection, and then the camera goes into off mode.
It is not my internet, as the speed or my internet/router is over 100mb always and my WYZE cameras at the same time have no issue replaying any previous videos.
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