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Reviewed in Canada on January 11, 2022
I love this laptop. It is more powerfulI than bigger, more expensive ones, is small enough to take anywhere, and its collapsible screen make it incredibly versatile.
The battery is good, but keep in mind this machine can use A LOT of power whilst performing processor intensive intensive tasks. However, the power use is justified, as it can compress and convert media as fast as a modern desktop machine.
The one thing I hate is the fingerprint reader. It gives you 3 chances to scan you finger before it goes to the P.I.N. / password option and, in my case, this fails in approximately 80% to 90% of the cases.
It comes with Windows 10, and upgrade to the horror show that is Windows 11 is free (I'm staying with Windows 10 for now).
Very satisfied with this purchase.
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