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Reviewed in Canada on July 30, 2022
These are exactly what parents need when their babies are teething. I tried to get on board with the bandana bib trend but quickly realized the bandanas get soaked in two seconds and because they don’t have any type of plastic or whatever other waterproof lining, my baby’s neck would start getting a rash. And that rash would get worse if I didn’t change the bandanas constantly. Cute as they were, they weren’t practical, nor do I think they were the least bit comfortable for the baby. Especially in the dead of summer. Imagine having to wear a thick bandana around in the blazing heat every day? No thanks!
I looked through so many and only when I finally stumbled upon these did I find what I was looking for. These were the only bibs I found with a liner. They’re cute too. And way more comfortable for my son. Yes, he still gets a tad rash from time to time because of the drool but the bandanas made it worse so now I just put some sudocrem on his neck. And the rash instantly goes away. That stuff is amazing! And these are amazing at keeping his clothes clean and dry.
They definitely shrink when “accidentally” put in the dryer. But I found the fit to actually be better then because they were a tad big for my sons neck before. He’s been using them for a few months and they’re holding up well.
Very happy with this purchase.
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