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Reviewed in Canada on August 25, 2020
The trailer overall looks solid, it attaches well to the bike, the frame is great, the wheels are great.
But this is where you can tell it was made by Scwhinn, and not a pet-specialist company. It is simply not designed to carry dogs.

First off, based on the pictures I assumed the whole front zipper section would have 2 zippers so you could zip down just the top, to let your dog sit upright, but still have a bit of a safety net in front. Wrong, there is one zipper, effectively making it either on or off. I am not comfortable biking at speed with this thing off, with my bike tires around 1ft from the edge of this.

But most importantly, the material is simply _not_ dog-ready. My dog was doing fine for the first portion of the ride, but when we stopped for the first time, he pawed at the front screen and it immediately tore. This tear was quickly made bigger by him poking around. I couldn't imagine trusting this trailer to keep my dog safe as I bike at any sort of speed.

But if you need a trailer to carry a 60 pack of beers, this one's perfect.
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