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Reviewed in Canada on May 1, 2002
I saw this movie in 1994 at the theater, and I went into it hoping for as good a movie as the original. Of course, with sequels that is largely the "Stuff of legend", and this movie proved to be no exception. It was still an enjoyable film, however. Most of the great cast from the original returned for this installment, with the major exception being Wesley Snipes as "Willie Mays Hayes." He was replaced by Omar Epps, who did what turned out to be a decent job with the role. At the time, I wished they would have written it so that Hayes had gotten traded instead of hiring another actor to play him, since I thought Snipes was the ultimate for the part. However, Epps later won me over for his outstanding performance in "Higher Learning", so he is OK in my book. As far as the DVD for this movie is concerned, it has the all-important "Widescreen" feature, which for us purists is the only real way to watch a movie. The trailer for this film as well as some bonus trailers are included, but that's about it for extras. The sound quality of this DVD is great and the price is affordable. Although not as good as the original film, this one is worth picking up. One last thing about this is that, despite the lack of extras, at least Warner Bros. did their part and released Major League 2 and 3 on DVD. I have to agree with the above reviewer in wondering why Paramount has not gotten their act together and released the original "Major League" on a DVD of their own? A step in the right direction for them was getting "The Bad News Bears" out recently. Until then, I was starting to think they had something against baseball movies. I guess all we can do is keep hoping and dreaming that it will show up one of these days. Let's all hope that the delay is attributed to them taking the time to do it right and include a commentary track with the director or better yet, the hilarious Bob Uecker. Until that day arrives, the DVD of "Major League II" would be a worthwhile purchase.
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