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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on March 11, 2020
I purposely waited a few months before rating this item as I wanted to make sure it lived up to the hype over time and I am glad that I did. Although it started out great with long battery life which was really impressive, after a few months of normal use its no better than the other cheaper models. It says it does not matter how long you leave it on the recharging stand as it has no detrimental effect on the battery life....however I now wonder. It now takes a longer time to recharge and the use time is dropping every week. I have not found a rechargeable item yet that lasts the way it says it does. Disappointing as the unit itself is very well made, easy to clean, and great suction power. Problem is I get 5 minutes of use and it dies to go back and recharge.
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