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Reviewed in Canada on September 26, 2019
On opening the product, I was overwhelmed with a very pungent odor of plastic/machine oil. This was very unexpected, especially when it is to be used for an animals water source. The product came well wrapped and arrived in good order. Please note, there are small parts in the package and could present a choking hazard for children (white plastic strainer, rubber feet, black pump nozzle and grommet for wire). The top was difficult to remove following instructions. A more forceful prying was required to remove the top. I think the first time may be the most difficult. The unit disassembles into many parts and will make routine cleaning a bit of a chore. After washing several times ,(not dishwasher safe) the jig saw puzzle was re assembled. The rubber stick on feet do absolutely nothing as the outside rim of the unit extends lower than the where the feet mount. So the feet do not make contact with the floor. This was easily overcome by using some thick felt I had instead. But just the same, it's all in the details. The reservoir and bowl filled with water and plugged in. It was surprisingly noisy when the water was running, you can easily hear it 20 feet away. It is not like a fish tank pump which is quite quite. The product worked as advertised, with some odd quirks but, there is a small stream of water flowing down to the bowl. At the moment, the Cat seems disinterested. It could be the residual plastic/machine oil smell, noise or just being a Cat.

Additional information; The pump has now been turned off due to a loud vibration noise that got worse with use.
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3.9 out of 5
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