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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on January 6, 2020
The coffee I got from Amazon was not fresh ... the date on the bag is in the following format DD/MM/YYYY ... and the company dates the best before date, one YEAR after brewing... YIKES ... then when I googled it, this is fairly common practice in the industry ... YIKES AGAIN... I love whole bean coffee, and anything past two months is not tasty at all, according to my palate .... this is a company that knows how to roast good coffee .. I phoned the company and they sent me a new bag and a bonus dark roast to try ... it is delicious, but it was about a month old... the one from amazon was 6 months old ... I wish they would publish the roasted on date in the amazon description , then we would know what we are getting .... hope this helps... UPDATE January 2021... I have since purchased this coffee in stores, and the dates are fresh, say even 1 month, this coffee is delicious. I live in Newfoundland, so this may help sometimes. All the brands in my stores in Central Newfoundland have issues with “old dates”. Since Amazon is potentially a large market, my hope 1 year ago, was for freshness. Hopefully this has improved now, or will improve in the future. How old can whole beam coffee be, and still be delicious? I have had some bags that were 2 months old and still tasted delicious. When the beans look oily, seems to be the biggest sign to being fresh and delicious. Some times I have been lucky enough that the beans look like they have oil poured on them! And was that coffee ever mild, sweet, and delicious. When coffee is bitter, I have to put sweetener and cream to make it palatable. But when it is fresh, no sugar is required , only 1/2 the cream, and even with this reduction, it STILL tastes better the older coffee. it is amazing, and once you have experienced this, it is very difficult to be satisfied with anything less! Hope this helps, and please someone, find a way of disclosing roast dates for fresh coffee. This is the year 2021 for goodness sakes. We can make electric cars, powerful rockets that land back on earth, powerful smart watches that go on our wrist... surely goodness someone can figure out how market fresh coffee on amazon! I hope my rant helps solve this problem! Thanks Amazon for your wonderful services. I love this way of shopping!
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