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Reviewed in Canada on December 14, 2019
Some stuff just doesn't work like I had hoped, and it might be because I'm in Canada.

-It doesn't pick up your voice as well as the echo dot does.
-Echo dot seems to alert you better when you have notifications.
-Would have preferred it to be able to show a 7 day forecast rather than a 7 hour forecast.
-Would be nice to have ring doorbell work like nest doorbell works with google home, bringing up the camera view automatically.
-Accessing stuff like lights on the touch screen is more awkward than it should be.

However, it does have some good audio. It does make certain things convenient. And it is nice seeing your schedule all at once rather than being told about it.

It is good, but unfortunate it doesn't do some of the things you expect. And like I say, some of this might be due to it being in Canada, which kind of isn't great.
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