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Reviewed in Canada on January 16, 2020
I bought this mouse to replace my 10 yo Logitech WOW MMO gaming mouse. I watched all kind of reviews on YouTube and decided to buy this one because it was very similar to the G Pro, had a similar shape and size, the latest Logitech sensor technology, was wireless and cost 82$ less then the G Pro. Seemed like a good quality/price ratio.

I started using the mouse and it was great initially. Nice feeling in hand, precise, sleek, buttons and scroll wheel perfect, looks good, lighter, nice RGB, huge improvement over my 10 yo mouse.

Then I started playing POE, and that's where I realized the middle button under the scroll wheel I am using extensively in gaming is so hard to press I just can't press it. I'd say the force required to press it is at least 10x more then regular button. Impossible for your finger to adapt to this difference when switching buttons. Also you need to be perfectly in line for it to work. If your finger is slightly angled to the right or left of the wheel it won't press. Also the wheel is big and extrudes more outside the mouse then on other mice, which forces you to move your finger farther back, reducing even more the lever making your finger weaker.

After one night of playing I missed clicked 95% of my middle button click, the 5% I managed to click where lagging a lot, and I had huge cramps to the finger. Actually with my lose handle gripe on the mouse, when I press the button my hand raises up instead of the button pressing. So I need to really pre-grab the mouse way tighter before pressing the button and really hitting it hard. Really bad.

So if you are just using this mouse in windows and don't use the middle button it's a great mouse. But as a gaming mouse where you need all the buttons this mouse is horrible.

I replaced it with the Razer Viper Ultimate which is an awesome mouse. Even though the middle button is slightly harder to press then on my 10 yo mouse, it’s not significant and after a night of playing I did not feel it. GG RAZER!
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