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Reviewed in Canada on November 6, 2019
Purchased this for two reasons, one to see what all the fuse was about and two to keep up with technology. All I can say is wow, way better than expected. There are many free games and other apps, some are ...ok, but other are awesome and very addictive. I'm seeing more content becoming available and so there should be something for everyone. And many, many additional games and apps for purchase. I don't think you know what to expect until you have tried one of these. Although this is supposedly the limited version compared to the Rift (with the rift you can physically move around your environment), this still has lots to entertain you. It was an eye opener on just how far technology has come. If you need something to waste a lot of time, this will do it, very addictive. One point which seems well known is the battery life, around (ish) 2 hours of use and then 3 (ish) hours of charging, which does help limit your time because you can burn through 2 hours very easily. One small issue was when mine arrived, you have to download there app to your phone to set it up, turn on the device and link them together and your wi-fi. I kept having issues turning on the device, in the end I just plugged it into a charger for a couple of hours until the green light came on and then tried it again. All worked so unlike they tell you, it may not come partly charged, you may have to charge it first. Linking to your computer is a breeze, once you have done it at least once. with your computer on and your headset on, only then do you plug the cable into both. You then get a pop-up in the headset asking if you allow the connection, using your pointer "Allow" and then you can see it on your screen and upload pictures or pull off pictures you may have from a game. Warning, you can get motion sickness with this, has happened a few times...LOL.
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