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Reviewed in Canada on October 26, 2020
I am not a coffee connoisseur. I like a good cup, but honestly have a hard time telling one set of beans from another by taste alone. I have a fancy coffee maker that grinds beans, sprinkles them with fairy dust, and makes a really good cup of coffee, but I have to clean the machine often, and it can take five minutes to make a cup of coffee some mornings while things warm up. By contrast, my Keurig is ready immediately, and I have a hot cup of coffee in less than a minute. I have always liked the "routine" coffee offerings from companies like Folgers, perhaps because when I used to eat breakfasts at the local greasy spoon, that's what you got. So, it's natural to buy Kuerig Folgers cups, and this Lively Columbian coffee is a good one for a break half way through my morning. I like the slightly stronger taste it offers, and it's consistently good.
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