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Reviewed in Canada on December 1, 2020
It's been ages since the last time I used a mouthwash for my mouth so I figured I'd try something with whitening properties after going to the dentist. The taste is alright, gives you a fresh mint afterwards. If your gums are sensible, I'd recommend not using this.

There's also a refund policy from them that if you don't get the results you want then you can ask for a refund since they are really confident about their confident giving a "guaranteed" result for your teeth.

Will update after longer use. It says brighter smile within 7 days so we'll see. I just use it as a mouthwash personally and it's pretty cheap too.

Been using it for a while now, over 2 months at least, it does clean my mouth and leaves a fresh taste but I can't really say its whitening my teeth altho it wasnt the main reason I bought this, I guess it would work better if I used other whitening related product from them.
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