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Reviewed in Canada on June 19, 2020
We own just about every echo device that's available in Canada, as well as a few that are not available here. We love Alexa and have more then one device in some rooms.

I had recieved the invite for.the echo auto when it originally started releasing in the US but they would not ship it to Canada. I was waiting for this day for the echo auto to be available. I was waiting it out in case they made a newer version before coming to Canada. (I bought the original echo Show from the US paying a premium from a third party seller because it wasn't available here and a few months later they made the Echo Show 2 and it was available in Canada, I didn't want to chance that it would happen with the Echo Auto)

I Got my echo auto today, set it up immediately which was really simple and straight forward honestly only took about 5 minutes if that.

Went for a drive for about an hour and a half. I tried everything I could think of. I streamed music from both SiriusXM and amazon music. The wife was at home so I had her help and we tried calling, I did drop ins to the house, I did announcements, I had it read and reply to texts I also tried navigation.

My Bluetooth in my 2012 f150 recently went. I'm using the aux cable on an android phone.

Worked well. Sounds good was quick to respond and playback whatever I asked. Throughout the drive, I had 3 errors. All of them where while I was listening to Howard Stern on SiriusXM. I will say that I was constantly going through other features as well example while listening, I'd make a call, or reply to a text. It was usually within a minute after that, that it would say it disconnected, and I'd just tell her again to listen to Howard Stern and it would be right back really quickly. It's possible that I lost my cell signal as I was driving both In the city as well as in the country. Not positive though. Weird thing is that in areas that I normally don't get a cell signal at all, I didn't have the streaming drop. It carried on just fine.

Phone calls
They were great. It was simple to allow it access to my contacts and to just say "Alexa, call Melyssa on cell" which then it told me there is no contact for Melyssa's cell but it will call Melyssa on mobile lol.

Incoming text messages
I was wearing my Samsung watch as well which I normally get my texts to while driving. I got the text to my watch but nothing from the echo auto. I then realized the light bar on the echo was green showing me I had a notification. It doesnt automatically read them out loud. I had to say "alexa, read my txt messages" at that time it read my new messages as well as who they were from and when they were recieved.

Outgoing text message
Simple as well. "Alexa, send a text message to Melyssa" It then confirms " you'd like to send a text message to melyssa correct" yes! I did a few texts, all came out 100% accurate. It reads your txts back to you before you send them which is nice as you know if it heard you correctly or not.

Announcements and drop ins
They both work FROM the echo auto, however the echo auto will not recieve announcements or drop ins. In other words, You CANNOT drop in on the echo auto from the living room but you CAN drop in on the living room from the echo auto. I'm not surprised, as I'm pretty sure that's how the app itself works.

It's ok. On my phone it opens Google maps and shows the directions. I do have to unlock and open my phone for that to show up though. As soon as I do the app is shown. There may be a work around for this, I'm doing my research. You can switch to another maps app if you prefer. One negative I noticed instantly, was I asked for the nearest gas station and it told me it was 52kms away and back in the middle of city I had left earlier. there was 15-20 closer gas stations then that. Not happy about that at all, yet when I asked for the nearest restaurant it was accurate.

Asked about the weather in a few places and it knew exactly where I was at all times even when I passed through a tiny community that probably has a population of 8

I asked for the phone number of a restaurant and wasn't specific at all. It gave me that phone number to the correct one closest to me, however there was no option to call that number. After I asked Alexa to call that restaurant and she told me that it wasn't in my contacts, so the only option is to ask for the number, remember that number and then ask her to dial that number. I guess that's somewhat helpful lol.

Data usage
I used 178mb of data throughout the drive. I was continuously streaming SiriusXM which I have set at a higher quality. Not terrible at all in my opinion.

All in all, I'd say if you don't have Bluetooth, this is an awesone device. The mic is amazing. It never had any issues hearing me. Getting the echo auto was probably a fair bit cheaper then me getting my Bluetooth fixed or possibly even needing my head unit it my truck replaced. Not everyone will need this, but if your ride isn't that smart the echo auto will make it a bit smarter. One thing I really liked is that not once in this hour and a half drive did I feel like I needed to take my eyes off the road. I never had to touch anything other then to open my phone to see that maps app. I'd say 99% of using the echo auto can be done just vocally.

I've ordered some longer cables and some clips so I can do a clean and more permanent install of the device. Will hide all the wires as much as possible. I'm not one to typically get extended warranties but I will recommend if you get it to get the extended warranty if you plan on leaving it 24/7 in your vehicle. Due to the extreme weather we can get in Canada. For the extra $18 you can't go wrong considering it covers the device for 3 years.
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