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Reviewed in Canada on December 30, 2021
So to begin, I'd like to say the Quest 2 is quite a blast and that Meta is literally selling the hardware at a loss due to hoping to hook you on the product in the long run.

That being said it has a number of flaws, the biggest of which being that you need several other devices to make the Quest 2 as useful as it can be.

To begin with, if you want to play any games that connect to your VR computer to enhance the experience, then your going to likely need a separate and long high Quality USB wire to connect to your computer. That's $30.

Then your going to want to buy some rechargeable AA batteries and a charger if you don't have one for another $30 for the Controllers.

Finally you;ll really need a much better strap than the default one, the Elite Strap is an option for $55, but I prefer the M2 Pro which cost me $70 and came with an additional battery to extend it's life. Finally you'll really want a sweatband for any active game otherwise your sweat will cause you to stop, which you can get for $5.

That all amounts to another $130 CAD, and the quest starts at $450, although if you bought during sale like I did you got a $70 discount. But even with that included I spent over $500 on the Quest 2 all in all.

That being said, comparing it to it's direct comparisons such as the PS5 and such, I do feel that the Quest 2 is different enough to be preferable if that's it's direct competition, especially with how amazing Beat Saber is, and the fact that exclusives are getting less and less important, and I'd also rate it above the Switch personally although those are harder to compare, as the Switch is designed for outside use VS Quest 2 which is strictly indoors.

That being said, if it's competition is something like getting a better computer? Such as you not having a good enough computer for VR to begin with? Then I suggest you invest in just saving the money until you can afford a better computer to be honest, especially if you also use said Computer for gaming.

Overall I think I likely should have saved for a new computer myself, but I didn't realize the accessories needed or the sunk cost fallacy, but overall it's not a big loss and I'm quite emotionally satisfied regardless and it has gotten me a fair bit more active.
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