Customer Review

Reviewed in Canada on July 7, 2021
great product i use everyday but i do find it a little hard... i paid extra for this one knowing it would be the more comfy one but honestly i find after a few hours it starts hurting my knees... i thought the gel and memory foam mixture would be much better than what it actually is... but truth be said without it i would probably have a more painful day... then again i could have simply got a cheaper pair of knee guards and get more comfort out of it... these are huge and take a lot of space... still better having knee guards than no knee guards at all... i like the hard plastic on it though gives a peace of mind knowing if i hit anything it will take the impact better than a guard without the plastic... then again these are my personal opinion after using it... all in all i would give it a 4 star but since it was advertised heavily based on comfort and it was less than what i thought it would be i am giving a 3 star... you may have a different opinion based on the nature of your work...
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