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Reviewed in Canada on February 17, 2018
It worked quite well for me. I got containers from the dollar store to mix and measure it in . I was careful to make sure I got the correct 1 to 1 ratio.I used separate measuring cups for the resin and the hardener. I found a cheap juice pitcher worked the best for mixing it in because it is easy to pour it from. I used the stopwatch on my phone to time how long I mixed it for . I mixed it slowly and steadily for 5 minutes making sure to scrape the sides and the bottom as carefully as I could. I followed the instructions and did a first coat with a paint brush. I waited 4 hours and then did the pour . The pour coat did not turn out great in my first attempt. It was my fault though and nothing to do with the product. I ended up sanding it down and redoing it the next day .After I had finished sanding it I wiped it off thoroughly with acitone . That is an important step . Wipe it as clean as you can or there will bec cloudiness from the dust showing after applying the second coat. The second attempt turned out great compared to my first attempt. I had never used this type of product before . I am a very handy person but still found it challenging . But if I ever have to do it again it will be allot easier for me . Some tip I’d offer to their first time users .make sure you mix the correct ratio thoroughly. Make sure the temperature in your work area is warm enough. Make sure the project you are working on it as level as you can get it . Also make sure you clean your work area well before you do it so that you don’t get and dust or dirt floating around and landing on your nice finish before it cures . Mix a little more than you need to ensure you get even coverage. Tape the bottom of your edges prier to doing your pour and wait an hour after you pour and smooth your edges with your hand wearing rubber gloves . On my first attempt I used a foam brush on the edges the latex glove worked much better . And as I said before if you have to do any sanding be sure to clean your project thoroughly with acitone before doing the next pour . This is a great product I hope this review helps a few people not have to go through as much trouble as I did to achieve good results.
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