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Reviewed in Canada on September 21, 2021
I'm a technical writer working from home 90% of the time. Dealing with technical instructions/illustrations, reviewing engineer drawings, and countless Teams/Zoom meetings, my eyes take a real beating during those 10-hour work days.

I was using a pair of Dell P2412HB monitors for over 6 years, until one of them gave up the ghost just last week. No self-respecting technical writer should ever use a single monitor, in my honest opinion. Time to go shopping! While I was at it, I decided to replace them both.

I did my usual research, and decided to replace both my 24" Dell monitors in favor of two 27" units. Dell has some nice units, but they are highly overpriced. I'm an LG guy, but I wasn't sold on their monitors. I decided to give BenQ a chance, and ordered two GW2780 units.

Monitors arrived the very next day via Purolator. Very well packaged. All the cables and accessories were included. Installation went as well as one could have expected.

The BenQ workmanship is well above par, and the IPS picture quality is remarkable (much easier on my eyes as I do not feel sleepy after 4-5 hours of screen time like I did with the Dell units).

The setup on-screen menus are a tad outdated, but they get the job done. Although these monitors have built-in speakers, I do not use them as I have a sound bar. The GW2780 are also very reasonably priced.

As a first time BenQ product consumer, I'm very impressed with the brand. So much so, that I'm thinking of order two BenQ GW2480 monitors to add to my workstation.

Overall, I am very glad that I took the gamble on BenQ.
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