Customer Review

Reviewed in Canada on May 29, 2021
Ears. I wondered about this when I was buying it but no one seemed to mention it. So I will. My ears are rather large, and this strap goes across them just at the top. There's also a velcro strip at that spot on the strap which holds the back pad in place, and that is very uncomfortable on the ears. I ended up replacing this strap with a halo strap which solved this problem. The halo strap also eliminated the problem of having a heavy object being pulled straight from the rear and giving me a headache after a long period of play. That being said, this is well built and very secure after you manage to get it put together (which is frustrating, like most people have pointed out), and makes switching between players often very easy. It also arrived very quickly. I would suggest finding a youTube video on how to install it though, as the instructions that come with it aren't detailed enough.
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