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Reviewed in Canada on April 21, 2020
We had a “small” ant problem near our front door hallway and after reading many reviews on amazon decided to give these a try. Some have said they work at killing the colony within 2-3 days so my hopes were high. We only ever had (at most) 5-6 ants in our hallway at a time and often it was less. So either this was a small any colony or perhaps these ants travelled a long way from the colony? I’m not sure. I put 1 trap down and sure enough after about 12 hours the trap had at least 10 ants in it and they were crawling over one another just to get into the trap and eat (I was afraid this ant species wouldn’t like the bait As some have pointed out but clearly they do). This was nearly double what our normal ant count was so I assumed it was “working”. This continued for about 3 full days and on the 4th or 5th day there began a notable decline in the ants. The issue is that over the last 3 days or so (of the 8 total days), there are always at least 1-2 ants still wandering around and they actually seem to now ignore the bait (I switched the old bait and put out a new one too)? So...I’m unsure what to make of this. I assume that the more ants that eat the trap obviously increase the chance they carry the poison back to the Queen and perhaps this colony is too far away and the ants die on their journey home? Therefore I do think it has “worked” but the goal here is to kill off the colony for good which it hasn’t done. If you only have a “mild” ant problem perhaps this either simply takes a lot longer than most have suggested in these reviews (Maybe weeks rather than days?) or the odds of only a handful of ants bringing the poison back so low that you may find these baits won’t do it by themselves.

***Update: after about 2 full weeks I can say we are completely ant free. I’ve left the traps out the entire time (2 traps total) and they are both roughly half full still, but I can say our any issue (for now) is gone. I’m upping my review from 2 stars to 5. It took longer than expected but as long as the ants are gone then I’d say it’s a product that works as it should!

Extra Update: after about a month or so the ants continued to come. they started to ignore the bait and I assume it wasn’t strong enough or the distance the ants had to travel was too far for the ants to bring back to the queen (before the ant itself died) to kill the colony. Either way, this was just a temporary fix that helped control the issue but in no way did it solve the issue.

*Final update* - use Dr. Doom residual foaming ant spray instead of this. I tried these Terro baits, ant B Gone baits, and numerous others all with similar results. An initial reduction in ants but never solving the issue. I believe it’s because, while there is a chance that an ant carries the bait back to the Queen, the odds of that happening are just so miniscule. There are millions of ants in the colony, it’s 1 in a million. But it is 1. With the spray, there is 0% chance any poison is taken back to the Queen since it just kills it on contact. But having said that...after spraying this, in multiple places and what I believe to be in response to multiple colonies...I’ve never actually seen any ants return. And it’s been about a year now. They have never come back. I don’t know if it just kills so many they ignore that area and leave or if it just deters them from coming back or it kills so many over time there aren’t enough left to provide for the Queen? I don’t truly know...But...the residual foaming spray is literally the only thing that has completely eliminated ants from my home. The experts say don’t use this as there is no way to bring bait back to the Queen. But i still feel like the chances of those baits working is so low they are pointless. And if the ants are gone completely with the spray, then i think that’s the answer!
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