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Reviewed in Canada on September 1, 2003
This film meets all the criteria to make it great. It has great special effects that both show the reality of the situation and also grip the viewer's attention. The action scene is basically the latter 3 quarters of the movie, it doesn't let up, it just gets more intense. The acting is second to none, all the actors do a great job (I go from what I see, not what I know of the actual situation). All these features come together to make a truly awesome representation of what happened that dark day in Somalia. This movie shows why Soldiers everywhere deserve respect. These guys are out there in foreign lands protecting people they don't know, helping people they never met, trying to do what's right.
What the movie lacks is information. It doesn't tell us why US troops are in that area, it doesn't tell us what are causing the problems in that area. It shows us lots scenes of starving people and lots of natives killing each other but it doesn't tell us why. It's a typical Hollywood action/drama in that respect, American's like to see there troops on the big screen winning battles, it doesn't seem to matter what reasons for the battle are.
The actual soldiers portrayed in the movie are done so with respect and accuracy. People expect soldiers to be infallible, that they are programmed to fight and when conflict erupts around them it doesn't effect how they do there job. This isn't the case with war, the explosions, the bullets ricocheting close to your head, this effects everyone, and how much is down to professionalism. The US Army Rangers are some of the best regular infantry the US has, and that day they showed it. Whether the mission is right or wrong, the soldiers do their job regardless.
4 Stars.
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