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Reviewed in Canada on April 3, 2019
Provided you are willing to forget logic and probability for a couple of hours this is a fun movie. Vikander is terrific; the action sequences are spectacular and shot and paced to maximize the excitement. On the minus side, while Lara's character is fleshed out well, all supporting characters are simply plot elements, totally undeveloped. And the film has zero romance — most action movies have some romance, even Indie had girl friends! Here we are asked to believe that she is so focused on her father fixation she has no interest in sex. A brief flirtation with the ship's captain would have helped explain why he was so suddenly willing to risk his life to save her. But, despite its faults, I enjoyed it. It's a prequel to the earlier Jolie films and seemed as good or better to me, but then I prefer Vikander to Jolie and have never had any contact with the video games on which the character is based. No sex, no swearing or bloodshed to speak of.
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4.5 out of 5
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