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Reviewed in Canada on February 5, 2018
My order came from the U.K. and I was worried that it wouldn't play on my Sony Playstation Pro VR in Canada due to regional restrictions. So I waited until I watched all three movies as well as the extras before leaving a review. I'm glad to say that all disks played flawlessly. This is probably the best 3d Blu-ray you should buy due to the meticulous job that Peter Jackson did for the Hobbit. We would think that because the Hobbit is one book that it should be one movie and that Peter just stretched out the material but this is one time that a movie is better than the book. It gave the book a reality and expanded a paragraph or a chapter as though it was the main story. It gave the main story a back story. It made the story of the hobbit believable just like the book itself. This is something you should have in your collection. The movie was shot in 3D and you have to realize that all the green screen effects that were added in real time as the movie was being shot with Peter Jackson wearing 3d glasses in the viewing area. The extra features follows the whole shooting of the three movies over the whole two and half years of filming and you can see and feel the extraordinary amount of work that went into this movie. This is a must have Trilogy.
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