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Reviewed in Canada on January 13, 2019
Good literature can confirm pre-existing beliefs, can help to arm you and your best arguments, can be sanctimonious; it can also do none of these things.

This was a superb book for reminding me how little I know, even as one who worked in politics and took several courses on the constitution and on Indigenous law, about the Indian Act and the ongoing legacy of colonialism.

I wish there were less racism in Canada, but there’s not. Among those who are *not* racist, this book can serve as a huge wake-up call about the shameless policies perpetrated by Canadian governments, their continuing negative effects in society, and what we can do about it.

Give this book a read. Learn a thing or two. Question your beliefs. Read the TRC Calls to Action. And consider how you, an individual, whether powerful or small, can advance reconciliation.
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