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Reviewed in Canada on June 25, 2019
*Update Nov 2021. After not using the item for a few months, my batteries were dead in the remote. I went to change them and the remote would not work. I can not buy a new remote since no one sells them. They don't support this product any longer. There goes nearly $400. I tried the gameboy remote and it just doesn't work the same.

Had the Oculus Go now for about 6 months and I do Love it. When you put on the headset it's literally like stepping in to another world. It connects to WIFI easily and the included remote is simple to use. There is a great app for doing meditation called Guided Meditation VR that I absolutely love. Also I love VR Casino which I use to play slots, you literally walk in to a virtual casino and sit down in front of a giant slot machine. The sound is awesome. When you immerse yourself in to the VR world it just feels incredibly real with the Oculus. At times it can be thrilling and other times terrifying. I can't bring myself to watch anything scary with it. I watched a Jurassic Park clip and the dinosaur was staring me right in the eye and I had to back up. I also can not do the roller coater clips as I get motion sickness. The Oculus go is so incredibly fun but don't get one that you need to share with others because it just won't happen. The only downside to the Oculus is that after you wear the headset for a while it literally hurts my head. Even though it has pads it seems to be on the heavy side and digs in to my cheekbones.
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