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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on February 9, 2023
The Holidays, carols, parties and the Christmas Market are supposed to make you feel happy but Renata isn't. As far as she is concerned it's all "commercialized" but she is home for a bit and helping out her uncle with his coffee booth at the Market. A dragon shifter searching for her destined mate, her grouchiness is a result of a failed sacred mating ceremony. Sure she has her mating mark but nothing else! It is hard to be a grouch around Celine (though she was when they first met). A middle school teacher, bubbly, enthusiastic caroler and lover of hot chocolate, Celine finds herself drawn to the Dragon Roast and glum Renata. Dragon kin, she is also searching for her mate but restricted by the mating mark she carries. Hot chocolate and Christmas spice with secrets will magic happen?
Tape does a fine job of slowly growing the attraction between the lead characters. There are ups, downs and love of family before the HEA.
A quick read that made me smile.
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