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Reviewed in Canada on May 9, 2020
Sad to think that the food industry is doing the same with us : selling us sweet poisons that we can't resist.

For 3 days the ants came to feast on this irresistible liquid. I could see they were happy. Then one morning, they were all gone. Nothing was left of them, not even a cadaver. I saw the effect of this poison because I found another one the floor that was in terrible pain almost unable to move (I killed it to end its misery). Then 1 youth came back alone, he was the last of his very intelligent tribe that was not even doing anything to deserve this carnage. Soon, he will join them in paradise I hope. Now that I am alone again, I feel guilt and solitude. This product allowed me to see them better (because it is transparent) and admire them. What an amazing God creature, a true miracle. I could see they were talking to each other with sounds, gestures, touches and smell. I saw the generals and their hierarchy, a little organized army. Why did I killed them, when they made my life better?

Be careful for what you wish for, because this product works.
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