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Reviewed in Canada on August 23, 2007
i'm of two minds about this movie.on the one hand,i thought it was
funnier than the first,with some very comical scenes.on the other
hand,to me,the movie felt preachy and schmaltzy in the inspiration
dept.i found it a bot too heavy handed.there is a running gag involving
a "bandwagon jumping" fan in the stands that got old and tired
quickly.also,the story was a bit of a stretch,with some big leaps in
logic.yeah,i know,this type of movie is not always driven by logic,but
it was still a bit too much to believe,even so.having said that,the
movie was quite entertaining.i gave the first "Major League" movie a
3.5/5 and for me,Major League 2" is also a 3.5/5
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