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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on September 5, 2022
Please run do not walk to go listen or read this book.

I read Pieces of Her Last year and absolutely loved it. I was excited to get to read another book following Andrea. First off, Kathleen Early did a phenomenal job. Early is one of my favourite narrators and she brought the story to life.
Quick Synopsis
Andrea Oliver has just finished her US Marshall training and her first post has been given to her. She is to help guard a judge who has been receiving death threats, but she also has a hidden agenda. To find out who killed Emily Vaughn all those years ago. This thriller is full of twists and turns, and a hint of cults.

I personally could not put this audiobook down. It took me only two days to complete it and I wanted more. In this second installment of Andrea Oliver, I felt an even stronger connection to her than in the first book. Her assigned partner in her first posting was extremely loveable and I really enjoyed what he added to the story. Karin Slaughter always keeps me on my toes as I attempt to figure out what happened and I never tend to figure out the entirety of the twist. I appreciate how the twists always turn out to be realistic.

Please check trigger warning before reading this book as it deal with a large amount of dark subject matter.
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