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Reviewed in Canada on January 2, 2019
When I ordered this product, I expected it to have the Apple Music feature that was announced back in early November/ end of October. Alexa consistently tells me to enable the skill and when i go to do so tells me it’s unavailable. I’m not happy with the fact that in order to do anything with this product you need to add skills. I expected it to have all the skills pre-installed. Why do I have to spend time teaching and AI? With that said I have no home enabled products and just try to use it the same way a google mini or homepod is used and it fails in comparison. For music it uses amazon’s free subscription which has nothing on there, then prompts you to sign up for the unlimited version with 3 months free and a fee that comes attached. I already have Apple Music...and from what I’ve seen the music choices are very limited in comparison so why would i waste more money to get Amazons version when it’s been a let down thus far. At this point I’m leaning towards returning this product. I see no use in it and it can’t do anything at all.
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