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Reviewed in Canada on December 13, 2021
Updare July 2022:

And they have listened!!! From August 2022, Occulus will have a separate account, Facebook account is no longer required. Woo Hooo!!! I have upgraded the rating to 5 stars.

This headset is a must-have & worth every penny. You will stop liking consoles after getting into VR. "Eleven Table Tennis" is as real as it gets. "iB Cricket" is a dream come true for cricket lovers. "Resident Evil" is so good that you will not play the console version again. "Angry Birds" is super fun for the kids when they find themselves within the birds. The lists goes on...

Original Review:

Quest is a nice headset & an amazing VR experience. The games are real fun & enjoyment for the whole family. The set is a bit heavy so you may feel a bit of pressure on your neck after 30 minutes of play, so keep turns short & those neck massagers handy.

The worst part of the experience is the facebook account needed to use the headset. Basically, all your purchases are locked in with facebook account. There is no point of linking a social media account when you just want to enjoy games. And who in their right mind will share their personal info and purchases with facebook, who are proven to sell your info to third parties.

So, there is always a sword hanging on your head that if facebook decides to suspend your account, for any stupidest of reasons, you will lose your occulus account as well, with little to no reprieve. This is such a shame.

Cannot think of any other product out there which has such limitation on their consumers. They really need to jot down a predictable way to sort out account issues so you can retrieve, transfer or moneyback your purchases (which can end up in hundreds of dollars)
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