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Reviewed in Canada on August 24, 2020
I am very unsatisfied with this purchase.

This wasn't a cheap camera. I expected more. Read on.

1- The Video quality isn't great. I cannot read the licence plate of my truck parked in front of the camera
2- The Camera itself is all cheap plastic even the mount
3- a Theif could walk up and literally 'pluck' this camera from the wall. The mount only holds the camera, it does not secure it.
4- a Theif could walk up and remove the battery without any tools or without plucking it from the wall
5- The battery door is flimsy and hard to close. I dont feel confident it offers a long life weatherproof seal
6- There is no local storage, after the 30d free trial you need to pay to save files to the cloud. I dont want to pay to save low-quality videos to their cloud.
7- The mount prevents the camera from being tilted down far enough without the camera popping out of the socket. You would have to avoid mounting it high but if you mount it low, anyone could just walk up, grab the camera and walk away.

Overall, this is the least satisfying purchase I've made in many months if not years. I'm going to be returning this to Amazon and working with them to return the two door bell cameras also (no local storage, low picture quality, requires subscription).
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