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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on October 17, 2021
I had another inexpensive unit 12 years ago,it did find aluminum, and this unit found a aluminum pop can about 6 or 7 inches deep in mud.
Point on that,my old unit picked barium in a rock bolder buried in the ground,near the surface,I hope this inexpensive unit does too.
I bought it to search rocks for nonferrous metals,like gold(au)silver or others.or show ferrous mineral locations iron,etc.
It has some funky setup where u turn it to the right to use "dism" or all the way to left for "all metals".not like my old unit that was turned all the way to left for gold and all the way right for ferrous metals.
It does have a sensitivity dial ,and an ear plug jack,which you might find handy after listening to outside noise,but out in the bush,you might not need that.
For 80$,I can only hope it has enough power to find gold in quartz veins!
The others Amazon show,use "dism adjustments" as well.Strange idea!
There are other units that cost more,but the question is,how much better are they,some claim to reach down a foot or more but these cost more,some say after upgrading to a better unit and redoing the ground they covered they found more metals!
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