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Reviewed in Canada on November 6, 2016
The film opens and closes very smartly as a spy spoof with Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, and Ed Helms. Kevin plays agent 0054. I was hoping the whole film would be this way, but alas this was just an add on to his recorded live performance in Philadelphia. His bits included, the raccoon, living with handicapped...a woman without a shoulder, man with no knees, his son who is ruined by private school, visiting father, airport restroom, and Starbucks. His routine works back using material from his opening, as it should.

I did not enjoy the jokes as much as the audience rolling in the aisles. I didn't find his handicapped humor funny or the raccoon story the first time around. He did those bits to set up other jokes which I thought worked better.

Guide: F-word.
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