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Reviewed in Canada on August 24, 2020
I bought one of these to replace an aging drive in my NAS. I recently replaced the other disk as well, but with a WD Blue. So I've got one red and one blue.

In direct comparison, this drive reports running minimum 1 or 2° cooler than the blue at all times, despite being beside one another in the same case/operating conditions.

The only complaint I have is that on this disk, one of the partitions keeps degrading out (and removing itself) from the RAID1 array it is supposed to be a part of - every time the NAS reboots. This forces me to manually add it again each time, but usually it doesn't even require a recovery operation and is instantly back to normal. I still haven't been able to figure out how to get it to stay synced.

I'm admittedly not all that experienced with RAID volumes, so it's likely a user/admin error as opposed to a hardware issue... It's forcing me to dive into documentation on Raid arrays to learn and search for an answer (which is probably a bit of a first world problem - there are worse things) but it's been time consuming and a bit irritating so far.

But this certainly seems like the more stable and cooler running of the two drive options anyway.
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