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Reviewed in Canada on March 23, 2021
To start off, I want to make it known that the Elite Strap has a well-known manufacturing issue causing premature wear and cracking of the side straps. Oculus has gone so far as to pull the product off the market for a period of time, and extend their warranty to 2 years from 1. You won't need that warranty though, it will crack on you within weeks/months. Oculus tech support will also give you the run around and eventually tell you they have to "troubleshoot your issue" to figure out a way to solve it.

I actually own of these straps for two different headsets. One strap failed so catastrophically that the plastic was literally crumbling in my hands, and the other side of the strap was also cracking in multiple places. The second strap has multiple horizontal hair line cracks, as well as vertical cracks developing.

Is the headset comfortable? Totally, it's far more comfortable than the stock strap, but you're basically stuck once it cracks (and it will). Just buy a 3rd party product, it's way cheaper and it's not going to self-destruct on you, the warranty service will probably be better too. If you still want to buy this one, go ahead, but when it breaks, don't say I didn't warn you.
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