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Reviewed in Canada on November 28, 2019
I bought this item because it was the least expensive 2 gallon resin. The resin itself (part A) was super thick (too thick actually) whereas the hardener was much smoother and easier to pour. After several attempts to make a nice project with it, I discovered I got the best results after mixing for 10 minutes, instead of the typical 3-5 and using a hair dryer on max and high for about 2 minutes before pouring into the molds as the resin and hardener didn't mix very well together because of the inconsistent consistencies of the two, and there were millions of bubbles. After using the hair dryer and mixing by hand for 10 minutes prior to pouring, the product was satisfactory. If price matters most to you, this is a satisfactory product with a lot more TLC while mixing and prepping time. I've just ordered a new 2 gallon brand that has favourable reviews. EDIT: I think I now understand why the resin itself was too thick... It was delivered on a cold November day and it sat outside for several hours before I was able to bring it into the house. My recommendation is that when being delivered, have it signed for to bring it into warmer conditions immediately.
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