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Reviewed in Canada on October 30, 2019
The quality of the material is unquestionably high. The rounded edges are very smooth the touch, and though I worried before buying that I would notice the "bump" at the edge of the screen when doing gestures, it's VERY smooth and natural-feeling. It's there, of course, but it's not at all a detriment to use.

Installation was a little tricky, just because the smooth protective backing on the adhesive side of the glass slides around against the phone screen when you're lining it up - it could possibly be made easier by using a slightly rubberized backing that resists movement a little more when aligning it - but I was able to get mine in place with some careful adjustments and patience. The included "hinge stickers" are a brilliant method to ensure it doesn't shift after you've found the right spot for it, before peeling off the backing and sticking it down.

There is a very subtle "rainbow" tint visible on bright white objects on the screen, due to a slight lensing effect, but you really don't notice it in regular use. Touch sensitivity seems to be just as good as the naked screen itself.

As indicated in the product information, there is a slight gap between the metal bezel of the phone and the edge of the protector, but this is unavoidable because the phone itself has a curved glass front; no points taken off there.

Overall, an absolutely fine product. Highly recommended. Just make sure you thoroughly follow the directions to clean and dust your screen in advance! Dust captured under the protector will be visible, and there's no easy way to remove it.
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