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Reviewed in Canada on August 4, 2021
TL;DR: If I could give this headset a 3.5 stars out of 5 I would. I was looking for a comfortable headset to use while using voice comms during multiplayer games, or just chatting with friends in a party. I do not use these for single player experiences or playing offline as the sound quality isn't great compared to a sound system or slightly more expensive stereo headphone connected to a receiver.


1. This headset has a monitoring button, so you can hear your voice come through the headset while you talk. This helps for people who tend to raise their voices a lot when their ears are covered or talking on the phone;

2. There is a button on the headset to adjust the balance of sound between voice chat and game sounds. If you're having a hard time hearing your teammates, increase the voice chat balance. This will in turn lower the game sounds volume, but this is preferable for me since I prefer to have clearer voice comms over louder game sounds.

3. This headset is significantly more comfortable to use than the ear bud that comes with the PS4 or cheaper alternatives such as the turtle beach recon, and the voice chat quality (both sending and receiving) is much better than similar products.

4. These are plug and play. Just plug in the Bluetooth dongle and turn the headset on. It will automatically connect to the PS5 and you're ready to game and chat with friends in a matter of seconds

5. They are compatible with both PS4 and PS5, but I haven't used it with my PS4 yet.

6. These are best used wireless, but can be powered with a sufficiently long usb-c cord while in use and there is a cord provided that connects to the PS5 controller so you can continue to chat while the headset is wired.


1. I've read a lot about how great these headphones sound, especially with the "Pulse 3D sound" feature but I'm personally not impressed. Obviously these won't compare to a high end sound system or studio reference headphones, but the sound quality is still muddier than I was expecting for this price point, and I didn't feel like that Pulse 3D sound was really all that great. It just reminded me of other low-end generic 5.1/7.1 headsets. It's good enough for hearing games sounds while talking with people, or if you can't/won't invest in a proper receiver and sound system. But if you really want an immersive sound experience, there are better options to invest your money into.

2. As far as I know, there is no way to separate voice comms from game sounds with this headset. So if you just want to hear voice comms come through the headset, but use your surround sound or home theater audio, it is not possible. Most people probably won't want to do this anyways, but sometimes my spouse hangs out with me and watches me play while I'm streaming a game and chatting with friends. She's not able to hear the sounds of the game while hanging out beside me if I'm using this headset. This wasn't an issue with the PS4 and the earbud as chat comms would only come through the earbud while game sounds came through my sound system.

3. You must use the provided USB Bluetooth dongle. Not a huge issue, but still an annoyance for anyone utilizing the limited number of other USB slots for other accessories such as PSVR, external storage devices, docking stations/charging cords, etc.
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