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Reviewed in Canada on August 16, 2020
I use Wyze cam for 3 years and it was a good value for the price. What always amazes me is the poor quality (and usability) of software as compared to the hardware. The main use-case for this camera is to record a video upon some motion in target area and send you notification if the person was detected. Yet, person recognition in the new Wyze Cam Pan works much worse that in my 2 year old Wyze Cam. To add to misery, when you enable either Cam or Can Pan on the new paid cloud service Can Plus it works much worse in terms of person detection than without the service. I don't know how is it even possible (unless they really screwed up the latest firmware upgrade) but I did quite a bit of testing walking in front of both cameras on the same path in identical lighting conditions.
Speaking of the new Wyze Cam Pan, the person detection doesn't work at all when you have "track movement" option disabled. When track movement is enabled it it moving a lot and records a lot of junk plus there is constant noise from the movement when you are staying inside the house while the cam is working. I don't recommend the new Cam Pan, get the regular Cam instead and, hopefully, at some point the software team at Wyze will release proper camera management and cloud recording software.
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