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Reviewed in Canada on November 21, 2020
Looks fantastic, feels great, cable seems to be of good quality, and the extra buttons are awesome in most games. Overall the controller was great... for about 2 weeks.

The right trigger started registering as forwards on the left thumbstick (LT), slightly touching the LT fixed it for a bit. About two days later, the LT started having dead zones where the input wasn’t registering at all. At that point (about two weeks since receiving the controller) I got in contact with PowerA and was promised a replacement from 2 to 3 weeks because they’re “having trouble getting stock”. That was in August and I still have no replacement yet, every time ask what’s up, they tell me the same thing “we are having trouble getting stock”

This being the first time I’ve ever had the need to use (and being within the window of) the warranty of any product I’ve ever bought has definitely left me with a bad taste. And ready some of the other reviews has let me know that the controllers are indeed defective in a sizeable amount of cases, but so far it seems I’m the only one having trouble with getting a replacement while within the warranty period

Overall I’m not sure I can tell anyone to take a chance with this controller or with the company itself due to my experience

UPDATE: It’s now January 2021 and I still haven’t heard about the replacement I was promised for mid September
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