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Reviewed in Canada on October 25, 2019
Used only a few times and not abused and 5 spot welds securing the base to the frame have let go. Nothing preventing the soft sides from contacting the tire if the load shifts so I now have a hole in the fabric, needs an extra bar on each side to prevent this from happening. Base rattles very loud, could have been prevented if a bead was rolled into it. Attaching something to the underside of the base helped to quiet the noise some to make it bearable. Tires are not low rolling resistant as stated. At half load there is a lot of resistance even at maximum PSI making it hard to pedal. With tires at minimum PSI when empty the trailer bounces all over and even a little bit with a load on. This bouncing is transmitted into the bike and makes for an unpleasant ride. New tires (Continental Ride tour) greatly improved theses issues and are almost non existent. All nuts and bolts were only finger tight and have to be tightened before first use. Not worth the money they want for it. Get something else.
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