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Reviewed in Canada on December 9, 2020
This capture card somewhat worked with my Mac. The software included does not work for a Mac but I was able to capture video with Quicktime (as detailed in the instructions). The video and audio would stream into the device and I initially had no problems.
After looking back at the recorded video I started noticing that some scene's looked fine but others had color issues. The color would be completely messed up with blue lines all over. Initially I thought that this issue was my video camera, so I plugged it into my TV to review the same video. No blue lines. After doing some research, it sounds like this is a common issue with this device.
I will be returning this device as I do not want to capture 52 hours of home video in this poor quality. Anything less than the existing 8mm video quality (which is already poor) is unacceptable.
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