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Reviewed in Canada on February 12, 2022
I bought it on Kindle then bought a hard copy for my teen son. It's a great book for young men, who lack a mentor figure who shows emotions, as well a book full of life lessons from a young male perspective. I was never a huge Will fan, though always appreciated his work through my teens (impossible to escape Will Smith as a teen in the late 90's). During recent years, I also appreciated how he puts himself out there as a more conscious type of celebrity. What I loved the most about this is that he is honest about shadowy aspects of himself that can easily make him look really really bad. There were some parts that were too honest that I considered if I were him, would I ever be that honest? Or is it that he's so untouchable financially and in reputation that he can do this? The part where he wants to hurt his father in a wheelchair but doesn't, the part where he doesn't sign the autograph for a fan with a down-syndrome brother, and all those messy relationships with women, not being emotionally present with his wife and children... in his position, many of us could have done the same, yet many readers will be incapable of recognizing that and certainly hate him for those events... yet, Will still wrote those words, and that's what made me appreciate him more. What shows clearly is that there are no black and white in relationships. You can't truly hate every aspect of a person, nor love every aspect of anyone, and the way every relationship was laid out did justice to the full spectrum of life in the most honest lens possible (with inevitable personal bias). Great memoir for those with big dreams, and a certain staple read for young men to learn to heal their emotions on their path to success.
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