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Reviewed in Canada on December 27, 2020
Oh my God, where to start. Picture quality is absolutely amazing. It's not wireless, which was a disappointment, I had to plug this in outside. Pretty easy to turn off if you're in my yard for nefarious purposes.

That's where the good stops. The user interface is completely unintelligible. There is no support documentation for how to use most of the settings. It will not keep time worth a damn, scrolling back through video you can't look at the actual time of any event; you have to figure out what time the camera (arbitrarily) thinks it is and hope to find it. Motion detection is, in fact, too good. The wind will set this thing off and the notifications are relentless.

Possibly worst of all, when I contacted customer service about it, instead of trying to solve my problem they immediately offered me a full refund just to write a review, which probably explains why this device has SO MANY great reviews.
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